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Show us your home!

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New series “This is how Switzerland lives”

We want to know how you live

Switzerland is a people of renters. Around two-thirds of the population lives in a rented apartment. Are you one of them or do you own your own home? We want to know how you live and tell your story.

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Two thirds of the Swiss population rent their homes.

Have you lived in the same apartment for 40 years or have you just moved out of your home? Have you bought your own home and set it up comfortably? Is there a favorite spot or room in your home where you unwind after a tough day?

Whether you live in the city or in the country, rent or own a home. Whether in a luxury apartment or a one-room apartment. It doesn’t matter whether you are happy in your home or you are desperately looking for a new home: We want to tell your living story.

From February 2023, Blick will be showing how people of all ages live and live in very different regions of Switzerland in the loose housing series “So Lives in Switzerland”. Completely authentic and unadulterated. If you would like to show us and the community your home, then get in touch here.

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