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Superstitions in the world of wines

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Superstitions exist in every culture. The world of wine isn’t immune either. Wine is part of many cultures – and because wine is integral to history, it’s only logical that legends, myths and superstitions would be put in the wine bottle. And chances are, the superstition seems a little more believable with every glass of wine drunk.

In Varnhalt, a town in the German state of Baden-Baden, they firmly believe that the last load of the grape harvest must be brought to the winery in a cart pulled by an ox – if you don’t do this, all the grapes will go sour and so will the grapes pressed wine undrinkable.

In addition, there are said to be Germans who shake their wine bottles stored in the cellar when someone dies. According to legend, if the bottles are not shaken, the wine will turn sour.

When in Rome…

The Romans believed that accidentally spilling wine was an omen of impending disaster. Even more menacing than a black cat crossing the street. If wine fell on the floor or spilled over the table, bad things threatened – for example, a storm, a plague or treachery.

Eternal love

However, it is also believed that spilling wine, if done on purpose, can bring good luck. Breaking a glass filled with wine at a wedding is taken as a good omen. As a sign of a happy life, the broken glass will lead to everlasting love and loyalty.

On the other hand, pouring with the left hand “like a traitor” is said to bring bad luck, as Judas did at the last supper. In certain areas of southern Italy it is even considered offensive.

death and wealth

Also, don’t pour the wine with your palm up. This has a sinister connotation, because many centuries ago, assassins poisoned the wine with powder hidden in their rings, killing some people. They shook the poison into the glass, turning the hand that poured the wine up.

If a few drops of wine are spilled while toasting, you should dip two fingers into the drops and put your hands behind your ears. This should increase the chances of getting rich.

In Spain, on New Year’s Eve, it’s a tradition to eat 12 grapes in the last 12 seconds of the year: one for every chime. This should also lead to prosperity.

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