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Swiss emigrant produces cheese in Brazil

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“I owe my know-how to Switzerland,” says qualified farmer Stephan Gähwiler (63) in an interview with Blick. “The level of education and training opportunities in Switzerland are better than in Brazil.”

The emigrant completed his schooling in Hausen am Albis ZH, where his 92-year-old mother, whom he visits regularly, still lives. After training to become a qualified farmer, he worked on various farms in Switzerland. “Unfortunately, we didn’t have our own farm. Switzerland is too small for many farms. But both of my grandfathers were farmers, and I probably inherited their love of farming from them,” explains Gähwiler.

Better free market economy than subsidies

In 1982, the young Gähwiler was lured to South America by an offer to run a large agricultural business run by Swiss and Germans in Brazil. “The plan was to stay for three years. I stayed for ten years,” says the Swiss.

In addition to the size of the country and the farms, he likes the climatic conditions in Brazil. “Unlike in Switzerland, there are no subsidies for farmers here. There is a free market economy and I prefer that,” explains Gähwiler. The Swiss farmer had the idea of ​​producing his own cheese in Brazil early on. «Good cheese was missing. There was something similar to mozzarella, but there wasn’t really good cheese.”

First own business and family

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