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Swiss family converts property in France

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The Gysling family handing over the keys. Since February 2020, Gyslings have owned Le Moulin sur Célé. The estate in France is located southeast of Cajarc in the Occitania region.

Marc Gysling grew up in Zurich. Here he completed an apprenticeship as an instrument salesman. After the early death of his father, the horse lover moved to Ticino and worked as a stable boy in a horse boarding house.

When his brother Jody, 18 years his senior, bought an old house in Ireland in 1986 that was converted into a restaurant with a few rooms, Gysling followed him. “In the beginning I was a kitchen hand,” he says Blick. He learned the trade from the employed chef before finally working as a chef himself.

From dishwasher to hotel owner

The young Irish woman Deirdre McGlone works at the reception. Today, Didi, as everyone calls Deirdre, is Gysling’s wife and the mother of their three children, Carl (20), James (19) and Christina (17). “Didi, like me, loves horses and we sometimes went riding together. It soon sparked between us, »said the Swiss.

The couple got married in Ireland on Valentine’s Day 1996 and bought the constantly expanding hotel from their brother in the same year. “For me, my brother was always my ‘boss’. He was more father than brother to me,” says Gysling.

Award winning hotel sold

The hotelier couple successfully built and managed the multiple award-winning Hotel Harvey’s Point in Donegal for 30 years until Didi and Marc decided in 2017 to sell the luxury hotel. “We’ve worked a lot over the years. A Swiss nanny took care of the children when they were little. We finally wanted to have more time for the family,” says Gysling.

Because the children were not interested in continuing the hotel, Harvey’s Point was sold at a good price in 2019 after a lengthy sales process. «Our children often helped out in the hotel and earned some pocket money. They knew what it means to run such a hotel business. They have other plans,” explains Gysling.

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