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Swiss woman builds a dream ship on the Nile

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She has the longest Dahabeya on the Nile: Katharina Németh from Basel.


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The longing for the Orient slumbered in Katharina Németh (56) early on. At the age of twenty she sang in the band Touch El Arab and landed in the top ten of the Swiss hit parade in 1988 with the song “Muhammar”. Blick described the young people from Basel as “the craziest band in Switzerland”. Németh laughs: “But nothing came of the dream of becoming a rock star.” Instead, she studied psychology, something “crazy and unconventional” was her life. She was drawn to Egypt again and again, first as a diving instructor, then for love. Today she is the owner of the longest Dahabeya on the Nile, a traditional sailing ship for luxurious cruises between Luxor and Aswan.

Comfortably along the water vein of Africa past 4000 years of history: cruise on the Dahabeya.

longing for Egypt

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