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Switzerland will soon be without glaciers

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study shows

Switzerland will soon be without glaciers

An international study came to the conclusion that the retreat of the glaciers can no longer be stopped. Particularly affected by the catastrophic consequences: Switzerland.


This view of the Aletsch Glacier will no longer exist in the future due to the climate catastrophe.


Silvia ChuiSociety Editor

The Swiss glaciers are probably lost, writes the renowned US magazine “Science” in its current issue. Even if we use our CO2emissions were to stop immediately, this would no longer be preventable. If the temperature rises by 1.5 degrees, almost half of the 215,000 glaciers studied worldwide will melt completely. The limitation to 1.5 degrees seems more and more improbable. If global warming reaches two degrees, 70 percent of the world’s glaciers will melt.

Current calculations show that the current climate targets of all countries are not sufficient to limit the increase to 1.5 degrees. This means that in the Alps, as in Canada, the USA and New Zealand, the glaciers are disappearing entirely. Only in the high mountains of Asia, in parts of Alaska and Russia, the Arctic and the Antarctic would there still be glaciers in this scenario at the end of this century.

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