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Talk about it

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Corona splits the family – Meyer advises

Talk about it

Corona has left a deep tear in our family. What can I (m, 64) do as their leader?

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyerwriter and columnist

The Latin «discustere» means «to divide, to disassemble». What is meant, however, is an object, not the opposite. That’s exactly how discussions are often conducted today: as an existential struggle. One’s own opinion is felt to be absolutely right, and a different opinion to be necessarily wrong – and therefore an attack against which one has to defend oneself.

In Iran, dissenters can earn themselves the official title of “enemy of God” with deadly consequences, and we think that’s really terrible. But it’s only the extreme application of an attitude that is also widespread among us: I’m right, and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

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