Friday, March 24, 2023

That’s why Portugal deserves a declaration of love

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View of the beach of Odeceixe – a small municipality in western Portugal.

Sometimes I feel really small on the way. Not in the sense of my height, because for a woman I’m oversized on average, but more emotionally. Do you know this feeling? When you suddenly realize how big the beautiful wide world is. And how vast and mighty the ocean. At least I get this feeling every now and then when I’m sitting on the beach, listening to the gentle noise, letting my gaze wander over the endless expanse and simply giving in to my thoughts. There I already had one or the other valuable idea, looked forward to insights and allowed inspirations. Exactly, you feel small in comparison to the somehow uncanny and big sea. Everything that weighed so heavily on your shoulders suddenly doesn’t seem so enormous anymore. And you will be amazed. Marvel at the power of nature and its incredible beauty.

That’s what happened to me once again on the wild coasts of Portugal. On these natural beaches with their rough cliffs and meter-high waves. This may not be for everyone, but – as I found out – to my liking. For me it was kind of England, but just in the south. I’ve told that to many, to whom I’ve raved in high tones. About the summer in Portugal, where there is always a little wind blowing on the coasts, which apparently causes goosebumps in normal summers, but is felt to be very pleasant during the current heat wave.

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