Friday, December 2, 2022

The 7 healthiest foods for breakfast

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1. Oats

dr Bircher was always right: there’s nothing like oatmeal to start the day. The original recipe is made with grated apple (including the core, the most important ingredient according to Bircher), nuts and lemon juice with a little milk and soaked overnight. Incidentally, the Swiss doctor was not the inventor of this dish: this raw food dish was eaten by the dairymen in the Swiss Alps for breakfast a hundred years before Bircher discovered it. Today, oatmeal soaks up quickly—although it pays to prepare it the night before to unlock all the nutrients in the oat and make it easy to digest. The oat flakes keep you full for a long time, regulate digestion and provide the body with energy through proteins, fiber and vitamins. It can also be combined in many ways: in winter, it can also be a warm English-style porridge.

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