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The comeback of the mushroom lamps

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Trendy lights

The comeback of the mushroom lamps

Decorative items that conjure up a pleasant atmosphere and should not be missing, especially in the darker seasons, are table lamps. They cut a good figure and provide sufficient lighting in the room. Which models are particularly popular at the moment?


Mushroom lamps are really popular right now.

Anyone who has long felt a desire for more nature within their own four walls will particularly like this interior trend: so-called mushroom lamps are currently making our hearts beat faster. What makes these lights so special? During their creation process, designers were inspired by the forms of nature, because the lampshade is rounded and is reminiscent of a mushroom. Natural shapes like these are soothing to the eye and create a cozy atmosphere.
The mushroom lamps are not necessarily a new trend – our grandparents kept them at home – but they are a re-emerging hit with retro charm that is recapturing the chests of drawers and tables.

Dust catcher or interior darling?

People who think practically and don’t like to have a lot of decoration lying around might curse table lamps. Sure, they can catch dust, but above all they bring light into rooms and conjure up a cozy atmosphere. Light is something warm that feels good and can also influence our mood.

Shape and color are ultimately purely a matter of taste. But #mushroomlamp proves: The mushroom lamps are currently very popular. More than 23,000 posts can be found on Instagram. Whether the closeness to nature in terms of shape ensures a lasting trend or it is just a passing phenomenon – the small decorative lights definitely look cool.

Colorful Murano glass

They are particularly popular made of Italian Murano glass. But they also cut a fine figure in other materials. In a colorful design, they look upbeat and bring a breath of fresh air to rooms that are otherwise furnished in muted colours. With a light pattern, the mushroom lamps become a special eye-catcher – what you ultimately choose for a model is always in the eye of the beholder.
If you really want a mushroom lamp for your home, you will find various models to shop for in our gallery.

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