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The funniest New Year’s traditions from around the world

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Although people around the world celebrate the New Year with a glass in hand, we all celebrate very differently.

For the Swiss, New Year’s means delicious food, magnificent fireworks and toasting the new year with full glasses. But it’s not just the corks that pop at the turn of the year: in some Swiss places, traditional parades with disguised figures, drums, bells or whips also take place. A big highlight is undoubtedly the Hotsch race in Klosters GR, where ten pigs compete. The winner will be chosen as a lucky charm for the new year. But not only in Switzerland, but also abroad there are many amusing New Year’s traditions to discover.

1. Spain: Grapes and ring in glass

Grapes are bought diligently in Spain on New Year’s Eve. Because at midnight the Spaniards consume twelve grapes: one grape should be eaten for each of the twelve chimes. However, a punch lasts three seconds instead of the usual one second. This is a safety measure as there have been a number of deaths from suffocation from traditional grape eating. If you don’t manage to crush the grapes in time, bad luck is said to follow you. On the other hand, if you manage to do it, you can make a wish for the New Year. As in Switzerland, toasting with a glass of sparkling wine is a must. The subtle difference: there is a golden ring in the sparkling wine. This should guarantee a windfall in the new year.

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