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The joy of spontaneous contact is often underestimated

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A message without a reason?

The joy of spontaneous contact is often underestimated

Sending a message or calling a friend or acquaintance out of the blue without any reason? Researchers say that this triggers much greater joy than one might think in advance. Especially when a very specific thing is given.

Published: 21 minutes ago

According to a study, it is underestimated how happy people are when friends and acquaintances contact them unexpectedly. (archive image)

According to a new study, simply sending friends or acquaintances a message or calling them triggers more joy than you might have thought before. People underestimate how much such gestures are valued, researchers led by Peggy Liu from the University of Pittsburgh write in the journal “Journal of Personality and Social Psychology”. The more surprising the call, e-mail or text message comes, the more the gesture is appreciated by the recipient.

“Humans are social creatures and enjoy connections with other people,” says Liu. “There’s already a lot of research showing that maintaining social connections is good for our mental and physical health.

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