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The strictest of all vegetarians cook so deliciously

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She cooks strictly vegetarian, but still tasty: Anita Jain in the café of the Rietberg Museum.


Katja RichardEditor society

Many make an attempt to live more mindfully in January. Some do without alcohol or meat – possibly both. Be it for health reasons or animal welfare, the environment or the climate. Which is an emerging trend for us, Anita Chetan Jain (45) has been cultivating all her life because of her religion.

She belongs to Jainism, a 2500 year old Indian religion. The “Being Jain” exhibition provides an insight into the culture and cultural treasures of Jainism. It is based on the principles of non-violence, tolerance and respect for life – this also applies to the menu. That’s why the café in the museum is expanding its vegetarian and vegan range with Jain dishes. These are prepared exclusively by Anita Jain – but only three to four days a week, whenever she is working in the kitchen.

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