Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The youth are into astrology

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Astrology is booming: the young generation in particular is interested in the stars, and they are taught by astrologers like Lori Haberkorn.


Katja RichardEditor society

As teenagers, we would turn to the back of magazines to see what the stars had to say about us. Of course, the most interesting thing was love, i.e. which zodiac sign suits whom. Nobody took it that seriously, but it was funny. Humbug or not – the interest in horoscopes is unbroken and is currently experiencing a hype. And not just for the new year.

Because in the meantime, the interpretation of the stars has made the leap into the big, wide digital world. Countless astro influencers are bustling about on social media, including Alexandra Kruse (42) in this country, 10,000 people follow her talks when the self-proclaimed “Magic Mama” is pondering the Capricorn season, as she is right now: “Do your game, do it your borders strong and your heart soft. unabashed. Moon in Pisces wants you to feel everything. The good, the bad, the bad. And never forget: there are energy vampires!»

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