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These are the best stain-away tricks

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You just don’t have to be careful for a second and a stain will appear – who doesn’t know it?

Whether it’s red wine, tomato sauce, fruit or fat – especially when eating, something that shouldn’t end up on the carpet or clothing can easily happen. But don’t panic. As long as you react quickly, almost every stain can still be removed. Below you will find the best tips against the most common stains.

1. Red Wine Stains

Whether just a small stain on the shirt or the entire glass that has been emptied onto the tablecloth – red wine stains are never welcome. It is best to drizzle some lemon juice on the stain before you use the miracle weapon salt. Sprinkle this directly onto the stain so it can soak up the wine. After that, just brush the salt off and the stain should be gone.

2. Grease stains

The potato will help you with fresh grease stains. Cover the grease stain with potato flour and let it sit so the flour can soak up the grease. Then carefully brush off the flour. If you don’t have potato flour at home, you can achieve the same with a dry potato skin. To do this, press the potato peel onto the stain and rub gently.

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3. Tomato Stains

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