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These foods should no longer be eaten without refrigeration

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Eat leftovers safely

These foods should no longer be eaten without refrigeration

Sometimes you just leave leftovers on the table. But there are some foods that should never be stored outside of the refrigerator.


Sometimes food is left over after eating.

Forgot yesterday’s rice on the table and only put the milk back in the fridge a few hours later – can you still eat this food at all? Some foods tolerate room temperature well, but others are at high risk of bacteria after a night out of the fridge. Accordingly, you should refrain from eating some foods after they have been unrefrigerated for a certain period of time.

milk and yogurt

Yoghurt and all kinds of fresh milk belong in the fridge, especially if they have already been opened. This also applies to UTH milk products: Once opened, they must be kept in the refrigerator.

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