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These mistakes should be avoided at breakfast

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No energy after breakfast

These mistakes should be avoided at breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Because what we eat in the morning sometimes determines how much energy we have for the day ahead. These mistakes should be avoided at breakfast.

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When it comes to breakfast, there are countless views.


Vanessa BuechelLifestyle Editor

The batteries are empty in the morning. In order to recharge our batteries, we first have to have a hearty breakfast – or, as the saying goes, “like an emperor”. However, many do not take the time for a rich breakfast. The coffee is sipped quickly while standing, and there is not enough for solid food.

This is a mistake. Because if you deny your stomach a varied meal in the morning, you will feel an even greater appetite in the afternoon and evening. The craving for sweet or salty snacks in between is also greater. Protein-rich dishes that stimulate the metabolism are ideal for a lively start to the day.

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