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These scientific wonders will make 2023 great

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Spectacular breakthrough: If the stem cells of our DNA are defective, many diseases can result…

Ordinary people usually do not understand in detail how a computer works. Something with electronics, circuit boards, bits and bytes, with copper wire and fiber optic cables and such undefined metal particles. It gets even more incomprehensible – and amazing – when you look at the computers that researchers are currently working on and where breakthroughs are pending in 2023. It is well known that quantum computers are the next step in computing. Less well known are biocomputers, a research field about whose progress an international research symposium will be held in Hawaii in the first week of January 2023. Biocomputers are based on DNA and amino acids. By manipulating natural chemical reactions that occur in these substances, researchers can perform storage and computational functions. In the future, biocomputers could be stored on the DNA of living cells. This technology could store almost unlimited amounts of data and allow biocomputers to perform complex calculations beyond our current capabilities.

Simply cut away wrong DNA

Genetic diseases such as sickle cell anemia, in which red blood cells do not form properly, have so far been difficult to treat. This is because the stem cells, which form the other cells, are already damaged. Crispr-Cas9 technology (Crispr technology for short) tries to solve such problems at the “source” – the genetic material – so to speak. In this process, a person’s own stem cells are removed and the faulty gene is modified using Crispr technology before the person’s “repaired” cells are “inserted” again – and can then produce additional, specialized cells such as red blood cells without errors.

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