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These tweezers are suitable for plucking eyebrows

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Straight, oblique, pointed

Which tweezers shape is suitable for plucking eyebrows?

Have you ever wondered why some tweezers are angled and others are straight? Here we explain what each is suitable for.

Tweezers are practical, small and we use them several times a week.

You apply it slowly, grab it and with a quick little jerk it’s done: the little hair that deformed our eyebrows is gone. Everything is in place again – thanks to the tweezers. It is practical, small and we use it several times a week. But which form is best in the fight against eyebrow growth?

Oblique tweezers

Most of us probably have this model at home, because the tweezers with flat, slanted tips are the classic: They are best suited to defining the natural shape of the eyebrows. Because it is so large, you can easily remove several hairs at once. But precision is also possible with it and fine hairs can be gripped particularly well with it. The lower contour in particular can be perfectly shaped with the slanted tweezers.
Tip: The best time to pluck your eyebrows is after the shower. Then the pores are open and the hairs can be removed more easily and painlessly.

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