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These wines go well with the Christmas menu

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Everyone wants that

These wines go well with the Christmas menu

The Christmas tree exudes a delicate scent, the menu is planned and the only thing missing for Christmas happiness is the wine. You’re wondering which drop inspires everyone at the decorated table? Here you will find inspiration.


Accessible wines without too many rough edges are recommended for the holidays.


Isabelle Thürlemann-BriggerEditor Wine

Wine is known to be a matter of taste. Because everyone in a happy gathering has different preferences, making drinks at Christmas dinner can be a challenge.

To make the stress more bearable, we make your choice easier. Here you will find recommendations for the five most popular Swiss festive dishes for palate flatterers that don’t have too many rough edges, but can still stand up to sophisticated dishes.


The crispy puff pastry almost melts in your mouth and the velvety filling is a treat for the senses. No wonder the airy delicacy is in great demand on special occasions. That takes substance. An elegant white Burgundy, which was aged in barriques, underlines the elegance of this exquisite classic without being obtrusive.

oven ham

For once a mess that we like to meet! The succulent “Schüfeli” makes the eyes of lovers of hearty cuisine shine. A full-bodied Riesling from Alsace tastes round and harmonises wonderfully with side dishes such as sauerkraut or creamed wirz. Its suppleness also makes acid haters enthusiastic. An alternative for beer aficionados to this hearty course is a craft beer, for example a white one.

Beef Wellington

The marriage of tender beef and hearty mushrooms makes your mouth water just by reading. To do justice to the layered textures and flavors, a hearty soul warmer is needed. A berry-strong Ripasso della Valpolicella comes at just the right time. For the meatless alternative with beetroot, however, a local Pinot Noir from a steel tank is the better match.


A long tradition in Latin Switzerland and in our northern neighbors, goose, turkey and other poultry have been increasingly seen on the Christmas table in German-speaking Switzerland in recent years. A nice bottle of Beaujoulais, for example from the Moulin-à-Vent appellation, goes well with a rich roast poultry. The beguiling fruit of red wine goes just as well with a sweet filling as it does with apples, chestnuts or red cabbage.

Fondue Chinoise

There has to be some decadence at the end of the year. It’s a good thing that champagne is a wonderful accompaniment to a cozy Dutch Oven. While the motley sauces and spicy garnishes kill many still wines, the French foamers cut a better figure. The taste buds are refreshed by the tingling carbon dioxide with every sip. Choosing the sweetness level depends on individual preferences. You’re always right with a Brut, although a peppery dip calls for some residual sweetness, preferably extra sec. High time to get your sparkling wine glasses out of the cupboard.

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