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These winter sports keep the body fit

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Sporty in winter

These winter sports keep the body fit

Winter sports are a good way to stay fit during the cold season and to enjoy the winter. There are many different sports that keep the body fit and are fun at the same time.

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Cross-country skiing is a popular winter sport that strengthens both endurance and leg muscles.

With shorter days and low temperatures, cozy evenings on the sofa are tempting. Exercise and fresh air are good for body and soul, even in winter. There are many different types of winter sports, so there is something for everyone – from endurance sports to those that improve coordination and mobility. For your own well-being and health, it is worth doing sport when it is cold. Here are a few examples of popular winter sports:

Cross-country skiing is a health-promoting and widespread winter sport. Endurance training increases heart rate and improves the body’s oxygen intake. This strengthens the cardiovascular function and reduces the risk of heart disease. In addition, the leg muscles are trained by the sport. When cross-country skiing, the legs are always in motion and a lot of muscle strength is required. The sport is good for people who want to reduce stress.

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