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“This is how I lost 64 kilograms”

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Luisa Ita (27) has lost over 60 kilograms in the last three years. Prior to her weight loss, she was severely overweight.

137 kilograms. The scales of news reporter Luisa Ita (27) showed that much three and a half years ago. In the new Blick TV series “Luisa’s lighter life”, Ita talks about her weight loss. The reporter has lost 64 kilograms in recent years – almost without giving up, as she says. Only afterwards did she realize how much she weighed. “When I look at pictures from the past, I often no longer recognize myself.” Luisa Ita is proud of her success. And she emphasizes that she never felt bad about herself when she was fatter. “I always thought I was good the way I was.”

Crash diet as a starting signal

She was a fat child. As a teenager, she was well aware that she weighed a little too much. It didn’t bother her. “I didn’t want to give up my dessert.” At the age of 23, Luisa Ita weighed 137 kilograms. She never felt any pressure to lose weight. “I had a great environment that accepted me so much.”

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