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This is how the living style from the north works

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Cushions, candles, blankets and stylish lamps are typical of the Danish living trend Hygge.

The fact that Finland is rated as the happiest country in the world almost every year is probably not least due to “Kalsarikännit”. Literally translated, the wot means “to get drunk alone in your underpants at home”. The best solution to spend the dark winter months happily in the cozy living room.

«In your own four walls you don’t have to pretend and you can just be who you are. That’s why the furnishings can also be colorfully mixed, idiosyncratic and as individual as the person themselves», translates the PR department at Möbel Pfister. The trend towards individualism and self-determination is more important than ever. This also includes the right equipment. The Hygge living trend is no longer so new, but it creates the perfect environment for Kalsarikännit.

Now it’s getting hyggelig

Hygge means snuggly or cozy and is not only a living trend in Denmark, but also a lifestyle. Everything can be hygge, the clothes, the food or the character. Above all, hyggelig is cuddling up with your loved ones in the candlelight at home on the cozy sofa when the weather is bad. The feel-good factor comes first to enjoy the moment.

“Natural materials, different textures and warm colors bring the desired coziness,” says Möbel Pfister. Typical of the furnishing style are wooden elements and several small light sources. For example, a fire in the fireplace and several small lamps in the niches and corners. No scented candles – kitsch and unnatural things are too much of a good thing. But color is allowed, muted pastel colors, white and gray tones. Blankets, skins or wool materials provide a fluffy base. The freshly brewed tea and the cake in the oven complete the rush of the senses.

Swedes cuddle to the right degree

In neighboring Sweden, the hygge style is considered a bit too cozy. There, the “Lagome” brings a breath of fresh air and replaces Hygge in Central Europe. The living specialist “Schöner Wohnen” explains the new trend as follows: “Cosiness, as taught us by the Danish trend Hygge in recent years, is also desired with Lagom, even if not quite as cosily overflowing.”

Ikea’s Swedes describe Lagom as “a current movement in which people are making sure that they only buy and consume as much as they actually need”. And above all sustainable. A Lagom focus at Ikea is also on energy-saving lamps, solar systems or an aerator for the faucet.

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