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This is how the wine tasting at home succeeds

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blind date

This is how the wine tasting at home succeeds

When drinking wine, we often allow ourselves to be influenced by external appearances. It is all the more exciting to approach a bottle impartially. With these tips, your tasting will be a success.


Blind tastings are suitable for an original rendez-vous in your own four walls.


Isabelle Thürlemann-BriggerEditor Wine

Wine-tasting in pairs or in a group can be a lot of fun. The effort is modest if each participant contributes a bottle.

On the Internet you will find numerous templates for a well thought-out process. It gets even more serious with a spit cup and a water glass to refresh your taste buds.

camouflage must be

The labels on the front and back should be covered. Aluminum foil, paper bags or wrapping paper are suitable for wrapping and are available in every household. For regularly planned tastings, a bottle cover made of stretchy material from specialist retailers is worthwhile. In an emergency, a sock will do.

Even the most beautiful cover is of no help if the shape of the bottle is revealing. The slender outlines of an Alsatian flute or an expansive Franconian Bockstüte give clues to the origin, but they can also deliberately mislead the participants!

tunnel vision

With your senses you should be able to concentrate fully on the wine. Avoid disruptive factors such as smells (perfume, flavored candles, the smell of food). The same applies to music – a subtle background music is preferable to loud bass.

Absolute beginners

The level of difficulty can be adjusted entirely to the competitors. For beginners, a playful approach to wine that focuses on colour, aromas and taste is suitable. For advanced users you can build in difficulties, for example by specifying that grape variety, origin, vintage or alcohol content must be guessed.

wine heroes

You can also use black glasses or blindfolds for a special challenge. That’s what the professionals do, so they can’t tell the color of the wine. The reason for this is that important properties of the wine can be derived from the colour. Some grape varieties are characterized by a particularly light or dark color and are therefore easy to identify when they are young. The color of the wine changes over time. Mature red wines are often browner than young wines, while white wine darkens with age.

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