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This is how weight loss with exercise works

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Before setting a weight loss goal, you need to realize that not every body has or needs to have the same fat percentage.

Can you lose weight without exercising?

“With strict diets, losing weight is possible without exercise,” says doctor and nutritionist David Fäh (49). However, it becomes particularly tricky if you have already lost weight: “Without exercise, it is very difficult to maintain the weight you have achieved after the diet. Studies have shown that it takes about 60 to 90 minutes of exercise a day to prevent the yo-yo effect.” So if you want to be slimmer in the long term, you should start looking for a sport that suits you.

What are the best sports to lose weight?

Basically, any movement is better than none. “If you want to stay fit in the long term, you should choose a sport that you enjoy doing if you do it regularly,” advises Fäh. Endurance sports are particularly recommended for losing weight, even if you shouldn’t overdo it. Especially overweight people or people who are not used to physical activity should keep the risk of injury low. “Cycling on car-free roads, hiking and walking are particularly suitable for this.”

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