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This is how you can find the shortest queue at the checkout

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Long queues at the checkout are annoying.

Supermarkets and department stores are particularly crowded after work and at the weekend. The most annoying surprise, however, often awaits you at the checkout: the queues there seem to be endless and there are people with full shopping trolleys everywhere. Especially if you are in a hurry, long waiting times at the checkout are annoying. Fortunately, there are a few tips to shorten the waiting time as much as possible.

1. Full shopping carts do not mean longer waiting times

Most people associate a row of full shopping carts with a long wait. In fact, this assumption is not at all true. Nevertheless, many queue up where there are less full shopping carts. They don’t know that a line with fewer people but larger purchases moves faster.

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Because the greeting, the whole payment process and the farewell take much longer than expected. Small talk could also be a factor. It goes faster if most of the time is spent scanning. For this reason, a line with full shopping carts but fewer people makes it easier to move forward.

2. Queuing behind young couples

The whole checkout process is faster with two people. After all, you can help each other load your groceries onto the treadmill and pack them. This saves a lot of time! For young couples, the procedure is usually a little faster. Of course, you don’t have to look out for pairs in particular – the main thing is that more than just two hands can do it.

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