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This is how you easily overcome the dry spell

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Dry January

This is how you easily overcome the dry spell

The alcohol-free January is halfway through, but the foundation of your good resolutions is slowly crumbling? Thanks to our tips, you’ll be left dry until the end of the month.


Moments of pleasure without alcohol are now in demand.


Isabelle Thürlemann-BriggerEditor Wine

At the beginning of the year, social life comes to a standstill. Aperitifs, beer-loving rounds and wine tastings are still in hibernation.

But old habits can only be shed with difficulty. A glass of red wine in front of the fireplace or a coffee with a shot after a day of skiing warms the soul on cold evenings. In such situations it is often not the alcohol that we lack, but the desire to treat ourselves to something out of the ordinary. Instead of renunciation, palate ticklers are in demand, where you can get weak.

Refreshing Elixir

Multi-layered aromas are what make a wine so charming. Most of them are formed during fermentation. If you find ordinary soft drinks too one-dimensional, Kombucha could be the alternative for you. The sweet and sour tea drink is fermented, often together with fruits and spices. This gives it complex notes and an invigorating tingle. These are the best prerequisites for interesting combinations with dishes. A ginger kombucha is a welcome change to Asian dishes, while a green tea-based variant brings out the delicate flavor of salmon or steamed vegetables.

vitamin bomb

When you cough left and right and an icy wind blows through the cracks, your immune system deserves a boost. A large cup of hot apple juice is just what you need. When heating, you can set accents with cinnamon sticks, cloves or star anise as you like. Add a generous dash of lemon juice for an extra dose of vitamin C, and do something good for your vocal cords with a spoonful of honey.

Zero proof wine

They used to be a niche product, but today non-alcoholic wines are available in almost every supermarket. Even if they don’t quite come close to their full-bodied role models, they are carefree drinking fun. They are lighter and livelier than conventionally produced wines. In addition, these drops offer the advantage that they harmonize with intensively spiced food. Alcohol increases the burning effect of agitators. Sommeliers therefore recommend enjoying non-alcoholic wine with spicy dishes. The fruit aromas and the acidity have a pleasantly balancing effect on the palate.


A bit of extravagance will drive away January fever in no time. How about a nicely garnished Virgin Espresso Martini? To do this, prepare espresso and dissolve a teaspoon of vanilla sugar in it. Allow the mixture to cool briefly and pour into a shaker with 3cl of non-alcoholic martini. Shake vigorously and pour into a glass. A little cream on top, a pinch of chocolate powder and the mood enhancer is ready. You can serve the martini with tonic water on another occasion, so the bottle is guaranteed not to get dusty.

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