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This is how you get your dream apartment

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Anyone who has ever looked for an apartment knows that the competition is fierce and the whole thing can quickly become frustrating.

Jürg Keim «Observer»

Perseverance, strong nerves, tenacity, cleverness: These are the skills that can be worth their weight in gold when looking for an apartment. In urban areas in particular, where living space is becoming ever scarcer and more expensive, the question arises: How do I manage to stand out from the crowd of people looking for a property?

Of course, there is no universal recipe for this. And you can’t do magic either – if the landlord is looking for a small family, you will have a difficult time as a single person.

Nevertheless, if you follow certain rules of conduct, you are more likely to get a rental contract. As the essence of your own experiences and those of Observer readers on the advice hotline, here are seven tips that will increase your chances of success in the housing market.

1. Establishing contact: Stick to the rules

If you have seen an apartment on an internet platform and you are expressly asked to contact us by e-mail, you should not play detective and try to find out the telephone number. The advertiser will have his reasons for not providing his number.

If the telephone number of a tenant who is looking for a new tenant is given: try to be the first to view the apartment (see point 2). However, if the management or the landlord is looking, a different approach is preferable (points 3 to 5).

2. The tenant is looking for: Be quick and willing

If you move out early, you have to look for a new tenant yourself, otherwise you run the risk of having to pay the rent by the regular termination date. The tenant who is moving out is therefore fundamentally interested in providing as many interested parties as possible; at the same time, he doesn’t want to have too much effort with it. You can take advantage of this by trying to get pole position for the tour.

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