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This is how you make the Cookie Dough Bread yourself

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Cookie Dough Bread is very popular. We have a super light and delicious 4-ingredient recipe for all hobby bakers.

We love food trends, but we’re getting tired of banana bread. If you also need variety, you should try the Cookie Dough Bread. That’s right – a bread made from biscuit dough.
The recipe is simple and made in no time. You don’t need a lot of ingredients and you don’t need any flour at all. Even if the name screams calories, the Cookie Dough Bread is actually not that heavy, because it is gluten and yeast-free and has only a small amount of sugar. So everything speaks for this recipe!

Make cookie dough bread yourself

The recipe originally came from Bethany Ugarte — also known as @lilsipper on Instagram — who first shared her cookie dough bread instructions on her blog in 2018. Ugarte then posted the recipe again during the months when everyone was sitting at home and suddenly discovered baking as a new hobby.

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