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This is how you spot liars!

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This is how you spot liars!

On average, each of us tells an untruth every five minutes – out of politeness or to gain an advantage. Here’s how to spot lies and what strategies to use to corner liars.

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The body and facial expressions cannot lie.

Christian Maurer and Dirk Ruschmann

Lying, says Paul Ekman, is always accompanied by a feeling. Ekman, a professor of psychology at the University of California, San Francisco, is best known for his research into non-verbal communication. So he developed a classification of the “seven basic emotions”: joy, anger, fear, disgust, sadness, surprise and contempt. He assigns facial expressions to them that are characteristic of the respective feeling.

Pay attention to body language

In field research, Ekman and his colleagues have found evidence that the expressions for these emotions are “universal”: independent of cultures or social circumstances in which a person grew up, i.e. universally “human”. They cannot be discarded. And not faked either, if the respective feeling is not actually felt – that is why a polite smile always looks different, i.e. less warm-hearted, than a real smile: with a real smile the eyes obey the will, with politeness the eye muscles do not. The body and facial expressions, so the significant conclusion, cannot lie! Anyone who understands this language can literally read the other person like a book. Ekman has developed a complete system for this, which is referred to as the «Facial Action Coding System».

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