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Those who are often cold could have these diseases

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Cold despite warm temperatures

Those who are often cold could have these diseases

Most people protect themselves against low temperatures with warm clothing. But there are people who shiver all year round. This can have other causes.


Autumn is officially back and temperatures are dropping. But what if you don’t just shiver when it’s cold, but always?

Fall is here again, the temperatures are dropping and we are getting our warmer jackets and scarves out of the closet. But there are also people who freeze all year round. However, not because they are simply frostbite – but may have an illness that they themselves do not know anything about, as “Bild” reports.

Common diseases that can be indicated by the constant freezing are, for example, the Raynaud phenomenon and arteriosclerosis, both of which are circulatory disorders. The hands are usually the most affected and even turn bluish.

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