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Tunnel builders at the Gotthard come across crystals

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Remarkable find

Tunnel builders at the Gotthard come across crystals

The Uri Minerals Supervision salvaged several hundred kilograms of crystal rock from a chasm that came to light during blasting work for the second Gotthard tube. Experts speak of a remarkable find.

A pink fluorite recovered from the tunnel of the 2nd Gotthard tube. The transparency of the pink colored crystal is outstanding.

The find spot is around 300 meters from the tunnel entrance in the ceiling area. The boss of the blasting responded in an exemplary manner and immediately summoned the cantonal mineral supervisory authority, the Uri construction department announced on Friday.

At the end of September, they encountered numerous quartz specimens, apophyllites and pink fluorites. The latter in particular were of outstanding quality. This is one of the best finds in Switzerland for years, geologist Peter Amacher is quoted as saying by the Uri Minerals Inspectorate.

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