Monday, March 20, 2023

Two compliments make the vegan top chef happy

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Top chef Zineb Hattab (33) is known by her nickname Zizi.


The “Veganuary” campaign calls for people to eat a purely plant-based diet for a month. Vegan products are advertised everywhere. What do you make of it?
Zineb Hattab:
I find the initiative positive. She inspires people to eat less meat and educates about the impact of our consumption. The advertising shows customers the large selection of products.

There are more and more plant-based products that imitate meat. Why?
Nutrition has to do with culture and identity. Anyone who grew up eating a sausage on bread wants the vegan sausage to look like a sausage and not like a carrot. These products can make it easier to switch to a diet that is at least less meat-heavy. You can cook a well-known dish, simply vegan.

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