Friday, March 31, 2023

Ukrainian women want to rebuild their country

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They discuss the new timetable: Natalia Terekhova, Thomas Rohner, Natalia Popyk and Mariana Melnykovych (from left).


Leah ErnstEditor society

Natalia Terekhova (38) sits in front of her new timetable. Monday: Reconstruction of power plants. Tuesday: Urban mining, i.e. extracting raw materials from the ruins of war. In addition, there is the construction of orphanages, damage analysis, corruption prevention and the development of heating systems.

“Rebuild Ukraine” is the name of the further training that the Bern University of Applied Sciences will be offering from February. 30 refugee Ukrainian women will develop their own projects and learn how they can help rebuild their country after the war. The Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) course lasts four months and is possible thanks to the cooperation of several Swiss universities and companies.

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