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«Water wings can give a false sense of security»

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Jonas Dreyfus, Vanessa Nyfeler

Mr. Abächerli, what makes a good swimmer?
Reto Abächerli:
He knows himself and the risks he is exposing himself to. Whether you can swim well is totally irrelevant from a drowning prevention perspective. Most accidents happen 30 to 40 meters from the shore. For the so-called water safety check, which Swiss schoolchildren complete in the fourth grade, they have to be able to do three things: roll or tumble from the edge into deep water, stay above water for a minute and swim 50 meters.

What relation do you have to water?
It has always been present in my life. I grew up near Lake Baldegg and now live on Lake Sempach. My parents saved up so they could take me and my two siblings to Italy for the summer holidays by the sea. Looking back, I’m amazed at what we were allowed to do on the beach.

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