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What to do with cold hands and feet?

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When the cold hits the body

What to do with cold hands and feet?

At low temperatures, hands and feet tend to cool down quickly. Gloves and multiple layers of socks don’t always help. But what else can you pay attention to?

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Frequently cold hands and fingers: This is usually due to circulatory disorders.

In keeping with the season, the thermometer is going down. But some people are sensitive to the cold. Hands and feet in particular cool down quickly and weaken the immune system – colds and viral and bacterial infections can be the result.

The reason why some people quickly have cold hands and feet, while others hardly freeze even after hours in the cold, is not only related to the clothing: muscle mass and insulating fat play a central role in relation to the perception of cold and heat. Add to that the thin skin on your hands and feet.

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