Monday, December 5, 2022

Where do our old clothes end up?

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Actually, we all know the solution, but we often prefer to remain the problem: We buy far too many new clothes instead of wearing them longer. If all clothes in Switzerland were worn for three more years, 1.5 million tons of CO could be saved every year2 save on. That corresponds to the greenhouse gases emitted by a 7.4 billion kilometer car journey.

What happens to the old clothes that are disposed of in the clothes containers? “Old clothes are mainly exported to Eastern Europe, East and West Africa – officially for reuse. However, Greenpeace Germany’s visit to Kenya and Tanzania shows that these are largely empty promises,” Barbara Wegmann (38), specialist consumer and circular economy expert at Greenpeace Switzerland, quotes a study from Germany as saying. But Wegmann is convinced that clothes from Switzerland can also end up in Africa: “Yes, we assume that old clothes collected in Switzerland will also end up in Africa”.

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