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Wild animals enjoy mild winters

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Deer don’t particularly like snow: With their slender legs, it’s harder for them to move around in deep snow.


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The green winter is taking its toll on mountain areas and their inhabitants. All residents? no The mild temperatures are a blessing for our herbivorous wildlife. “They need less energy and have more food,” says Kurt Bollmann (60), wildlife ecologist at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL).

More reserves: Capricorns, used to the cold, also benefit from mild weather.

Because what is a white fairy tale winter for us is a tough struggle for survival for most wild animals in order to keep their body temperature high. Even typical mountain animals such as ibex and chamois, which eat up fat reserves before winter, experience the highest mortality rate towards the end of winter. That’s why they benefit: “It’s as if their living room is better heated and the pantry is more easily accessible.” The mild weather is a blessing, especially for deer. They have fewer body reserves, and with their slender legs and narrow hooves, they are less able to move in deep snow – now they find it easier and more to eat in the mountains.”

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