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Yes, I want me!

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women marry themselves

Yes, I want me!

Saying yes to yourself: It goes so far that women marry themselves, with a wedding dress, ceremony, ring and guests – only the groom is missing. Is so much self-love still healthy?

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She celebrates her 30th birthday as a wedding: Selena Gomez. selenagomez Verified Thank you @versace @kateyoung @laurenjeworski @hungvanngo @marissa.marino @tombachik


Katja RichardEditor society

Actually, you only do it once in your life, and you can only do it together: get married. Many young women dream of the big day with a wedding dress, ring, cake and party. But what if that dream doesn’t come true?

As for Selena Gomez (30). “I always expected to be married by the time I was 30,” the singer told Rolling Stone Magazine. So she just gave herself a wedding for her big birthday. In addition to the pink glitter dress, the party included a multi-tiered cake and a stripper – only the groom was missing.

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