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You have to pay attention to that when shooting

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New Year’s fireworks

You have to pay attention to that when shooting

“Nothing’s going to happen to me,” many people think when the rockets are fired. 250 accidents and fire damage averaging 4 million francs per year in this country alone say something else. Here are a few safety tips for New Year’s Eve.


The shot can quickly backfire when “fireworks”.

When it «knocks» and «pats» from all the firecrackers and rockets, even seasoned men turn into small, beaming children. But the shot can quickly backfire when it comes to «fireworks». Tattered hands, loss of sight, burns are just a few of the tragic consequences of such accidents. It would be enough to observe a few simple safety measures to guarantee a fun, accident-free fireworks spectacle.

The most important rules for fireworks

  1. Only use fireworks that are in perfect condition and undamaged.
  2. Rockets may only be launched from firmly anchored bottles and tubes.
  3. If a rocket or a firecracker cannot be ignited, you should only approach the dud after waiting at least five minutes. If you want to be on the safe side, pour water over the fireworks. Under no circumstances should duds be re-ignited! They should be disposed of immediately – no matter how expensive they were.
  4. Never let your children set off fireworks unsupervised. And: Fireworks do not belong in the hands of small children!
  5. Smoking is not allowed near fireworks.
  6. ALWAYS read the instructions for use and observe the specified safety distances from people, animals and buildings! With certain rockets, the distance can be up to 200 meters!
  7. Close doors, windows and skylights to protect your own house from strays.
  8. If possible, keep the car safe in the garage or park it far away from the hustle and bustle of the festival.
  9. But even those who do everything right themselves can come to harm – because someone else is less smart and considerate. Therefore, for your own protection: Pay attention to what the others are doing.
  10. Cats, dogs and other (domestic) animals don’t find fireworks quite as great as their masters or mistresses. Therefore, allows the four-legged friends access to a quiet space where they can feel safe. Draw the curtains there or lower the shutters.
How to safely light your fireworks!

August 1 without accidents: How to safely light your fireworks!(02:39)

And don’t forget: pats and persuasion also have a calming effect. (gsc)

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