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You should do that if the kilos don’t tumble off quickly

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Blick reporter advises

You should do that if the kilos don’t tumble off so quickly

The first kilos tumble off quickly – but what if you can’t go on losing weight? Blick reporter Luisa Ita with a field report.


Blick reporter Luisa Ita.


Luisa ItaReporter News

In three years I lost 64 kilos – and yes, it wasn’t always easy. At the beginning I didn’t tell those around me about my change in diet because I didn’t want to fail “publicly”. But at some point I couldn’t hide it anymore: the weight loss was clearly visible, the first kilos tumbled off quickly. The motivation was always huge for me as long as the number on the scales disappeared and compliments rained down.

1600 calories a day - that's how it works

New video format: “I eat 1600 calories a day”(01:53)

Now the big but: If the decrease suddenly stagnates, it can spoil the mood. It was the same for me at the beginning. During the holidays I once feasted for several weeks in a row, treating myself to pizza, pasta and a coupe for dessert. The pointer on the scales easily moved a few kilograms up. After the holidays I ran like a savage to the gym and for at least the first few days at home I felt uncomfortable.

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