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You should follow these financial bloggers

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Financial tips for women

You should follow these financial bloggers

As a woman, would you like to deal more with the topic of finance? There are great bloggers on Instagram who accompany women on their way to financial independence and do informative educational work.

There are great bloggers on Instagram who accompany women on their way to financial independence.

In our modern society, finances are no longer just a man’s business. More and more women want to take their finances into their own hands. However, the necessary knowledge is often missing. Many women are also afraid of the terms related to investing and pensions. In such cases, various financial bloggers come to the rescue. They provide insight into topics such as old-age provision, the investment market and the like! In this way, they encourage women to manage their finances themselves. With a modern and appealing design, many bloggers succeed in simplifying various financial topics and making them exciting.


Many Swiss women cannot take care of themselves financially. Patrizia Laeri (44), Nadine Jürgensen (40) and Simone Züger (35) want to change that. That’s why they founded the financial blog ElleXX. On the site, complex economic contexts are simply explained and solutions for various financial life situations are offered. How is my financial life affecting my independence and when should I invest and where? Questions like these are answered on the blog. In addition to finances, ElleXX also addresses other important topics such as education and careers.

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