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A walk in the forest costs seniors more than 1,000 francs

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Crazy process in Thurgau

A walk in the forest costs seniors more than 1,000 francs

For more than 35 years, a retired doctor drives to the forest near Braunau TG to go for a walk. However, he overlooked a no-driving sign and was fined. The man didn’t like that. He went to court.


The doctor went for a walk in the forest, just as he had done 35 years before. (icon picture)

He just wanted to go for a walk in the woods like he’s been doing for 35 years. But for one of his excursions into nature, a retired doctor from Wil SG now had to go to court. Because: He had always parked his car in the middle of the Hartenau Forest near Braunau TG.

He shouldn’t have driven the car there at all. There is a driving ban – signaled by a sign. In May 2021 he received a fine of 100 francs for this. But the pensioner resisted and the case ended up before the district court of Münchwilen TG, as reported by the “St.Galler Tagblatt”.

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