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A Zurich doctor massaged the breasts of a drugged patient

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convicted of desecration

Zurich doctor massaged patient’s breasts during gastroscopy

A doctor from Winterthur was convicted of desecration because he massaged the breasts of a drugged patient during a gastroscopy. He is therefore not allowed to open his own practice.


A Zurich doctor is not allowed to open his own practice because of desecration. (icon picture)

A doctor from the canton of Zurich was rebuffed before the administrative court. He is still not allowed to open his own practice, but must be supervised at work. The reason for this is that he had massaged the breasts of an anesthetized patient during a gastroscopy.

The administrative court came to the conclusion that it was necessary for patient safety to supervise him until further notice. The doctor from Winterthur can continue to practice, but has to be employed. He must inform his employer about his conviction and must not be left alone with drugged patients.

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