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Aargau fondue chinoise tip causes a stir

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“The picture shows the biggest mistake you can make”

Aargau fondue chinoise tip causes a stir

Many associate fondue chinoise on Christmas Eve with enjoyment. But beware: there may also be a risk of diarrhea. The canton of Aargau provides preparation tips. But they make some people shake their heads.


This fondue chinoise picture of the canton of Aargau caused a stir on Twitter. Raw chicken and other meats on the same plate (number 1). Is the?


Fondue Chinoise is the talk of the town at Christmas. A traditional dish in many families. However, the cozy get-together is often followed by an unpleasant visit to the toilet. Intestinal problems and diarrhea set in, and the Campylobacter bacteria struck. Caused by contaminated chicken meat. How to protect against it? The Aargau Master Butchers Association and the Office for Consumer Protection provide answers that are hotly debated on Twitter.

In a long letter they give tips and tricks for problem-free chinoise enjoyment. “The most important rule is the ‘two-plate principle’: to prevent raw meat and raw meat juice from mixing with cooked meat, sauces and side dishes, it must always be served on a separate plate.” Because: “The infection is triggered by the consumption of insufficiently heated poultry meat or by food that has previously come into contact with raw poultry meat.” However, the attached image example of an optimal fondue chinoise arrangement caused a frown on social media.

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