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Aargau woman declared hit-and-run in court with diarrhea

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“It ran down my legs”

Aargau woman declared hit-and-run in court with diarrhea

Anyone who causes a traffic accident must report it to the police. A woman from the Zofingen AG region failed to do this – for special reasons. Now she has been convicted.


The accident happened on Tramstrasse in Suhr AG.

A hit-and-run case was recently heard before the Aarau district court. The accused, a woman in her mid-thirties from the Zofingen region, had caused an accident on her own on Tramstrasse in Suhr. She then drove home in the damaged car.

No persons were injured in the accident. The driver herself was also unharmed. However, there was damage to the island protection post and the car. Various car parts and a license plate remained at the scene of the accident. As the “Aargauer Zeitung” reports, the woman tried to explain to the court why she did not inform the police.

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