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After an accident in Salvenach FR, the driver makes his escape

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E-bike driver left injured in Salvenach FR

Driver causes accident and makes the dust

In Salvenach FR, a car driver caused an accident on Sunday and then left the injured e-bike rider on the street. The Freiburg cantonal police are now looking for witnesses.

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On Sunday, a driver caused an accident in Salvenach FR and committed a hit-and-run. Now the police are looking for witnesses.

In Salvenach FR there was a traffic accident with a hit and run on Sunday afternoon. According to the Freiburg cantonal police, the e-bike rider rode around 4:40 p.m. on Lurtigenstrasse in the direction of Lurtigen.

Shortly before the forest, in a right-hand bend, the e-bike rider had to avoid an oncoming car in his lane. Because of the evasive maneuver, he fell and injured himself.

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