Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Asian beetle threatens trees in Zell LU

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Particularly dangerous pest

Ravenous Asian long-horned beetle discovered in Zell LU

The Asian long-horned beetle (ALB) is up to mischief in Zell in the Lucerne hinterland. The particularly dangerous pest kills trees within a few years. So far, it has only been reported four times in Switzerland – and each time it has been successfully eradicated.

The Asian long-horned beetle has made it to the canton of Lucerne. (archive image)

Attentive residents noticed individual specimens of the beetle in Zell, as announced by the Lucerne Department of the Environment on Tuesday. The ALB is considered one of the most dangerous hardwood pests worldwide and is notifiable in Switzerland.

The beetle is 2.5 to 3.5 centimeters long, shiny black with irregular light spots on the elytra. It attacks deciduous trees such as maple, poplar, willow, horse chestnut, birch, plane tree, beech and other hardwood species. The larvae eat their way through the bast and tree, damaging the ducts and killing the tree.

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