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Basel Children’s Hospital now has its own security service

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Because of aggressive parents

Basel Children’s Hospital now has its own security service

The emergency department at the Basel Children’s Hospital has been overloaded for weeks. As if that weren’t enough, attacks on staff are also increasing. Because of aggressive parents, a separate security service has now been hired.


The employees at the Basel Children’s Hospital live dangerously.

The attacks had increased massively. And insults and threats are the order of the day. “The situation is particularly bad late at night,” says Martin Bruni, spokesman for the Basel Children’s Hospital, to SRF. The parents’ nerves would often be on edge with long waiting times. Then situations would escalate. Not just verbally. There had also been fisticuffs.

Bruni says employees have not felt safe in recent months. “That’s why it has now been decided to work with security in the evenings and on weekends.” The hospital spokesman emphasizes that the security staff will be deployed at the express request of the employees.

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