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Basel councilor convicted of violating the Covid ordinance

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Violation of Covid regulation

Basel Councilor sentenced for taking part in the demo

On Wednesday afternoon, the Basel criminal court convicted the councilor Tonja Zürcher (Basta) and five other people of violating the Covid regulation. The reason was participation in the unauthorized May Day demo in 2020.

Published: 6 minutes ago

Participants in the unauthorized May Day demonstration at the time of the Covid measures in spring 2020 faced the Basel criminal court on Wednesday. (archive image)

On all other counts, however, they were acquitted. Only the violation of the Covid 19 regulation in force at the time was created, said the judge. Therefore, the accused must pay a fine of 100 francs.

According to the verdict, the elements of obstruction of public transport and violation of the cantonal criminal offense law, as requested by the public prosecutor, are not fulfilled.

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